About us:


At Danielle Herzog Photography, we are passionate about turning moments into masterpieces. Our lens doesn't just capture images; it tells stories, evokes emotions, and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. We specialize in artistic, creative photography, serving brands, agencies, artists, and public figures.

Our Approach

Danielle Herzog, our artistic director and Director of Photography, is your creative guide. Her unique ability to blend technical skills with artistic direction ensures each project is a visual marvel. We believe in the power of collaboration, catering to creative professionals, talent managers, and brands, striking an emotional chord that converts visitors into clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create artistically exciting and emotionally resonant images. We achieve this through technical expertise, artistic vision, and a deep connection with our clients. We love bringing your unique ideas to life.

The Artistry We Offer

Our expertise spans various forms of photography, including:

- Headshots: We capture your essence, ensuring your personality shines through.

- Album Covers: Our artistry transforms your music into visual masterpieces that resonate with your audience.

- Artistic Photography: From conceptual visions to stunning executions, we craft art that leaves a lasting impact.

Located in the Arts District

Nestled in Los Angeles's vibrant Arts District, we draw inspiration from the creativity that surrounds us. This neighborhood is our muse, and it's the perfect canvas for your visual story.

Ready to make your vision a reality? Explore our portfolio and let's tell your story through the lens of Danielle Herzog Photography. Your moments, our artistry.

A good photographer is more than just a picture-taker. I strive to capture the subject's soul by creating artistically exciting and emotionally resonant images. This requires technical skills, artistic direction, and the ability to connect with clients and subjects on a deeper human level. As an artist, I appreciate the creative process and enjoy working closely with clients to bring their unique ideas to life.

— Danielle herzog